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7 lessons from @jamesfgoldstein’s amazing Instagram account by Salome Oggenfuss

James F. Goldstein is a multi-millionaire NBA superfan who attends over one hundred NBA games each season, including approximately 95% of home games for the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers. Read More


Site95_Journal_03_02 CoverJournal Volume 03 Issue 02

DOWNLOAD PDF: site95_Journal_03_02.e


Editor in Chief Meaghan Kent, Contributing Editor Janet Kim, Copy Editor Beth Maycumber, Copy Editor Pooja Kakar, Copy Editor Megan Kohlmiller

Curated by Kimberly Marrero

TRANSFORMING NEW YORK CITY OBJECTS was juried by a panel of 10 artists, gallerists, and curators including: Stuart Anthony (Executive Director of ArtConnects New York), Meaghan Kent (Director of Site95), Louky Keijsers Koning (Owner of LMAK Projects), Kimberly Marrero (Curator and Advisor), Michael Mut (Founder and President of The Love Yourself Project), Leon Reid IV (Artist), Gae Savannah (Professor at the School of Visual Arts), Keith Schweitzer (Owner of The Lodge Gallery), Jason Patrick Voegele (Owner of The Lodge Gallery), and Antonia Wright (Artist). Read More

Joseph Beuys, 72 Hour Lecture, Photography by Richard DeMarco, Edited by Ross McDonnell













Joseph Beuys, 72 Hour Lecture, Photography by Richard DeMarco, Edited by Ross McDonnell Read More

3.14.14 models, modes, possibilities, and then there is education

AH Anthony Huberman

DB Daniel Bozhkov

SC Simon Critchley

NB Nicolas Bourriaud

DLS David Levi Strauss

Audience Question



The title for this panel was purposely kept a little bit vague: “models, modes, possibilities, and then there is education.” It was kept vague, I think, because the hope is that with such an illustrious group of people here we would be able to discuss more abstract ideas, rather than a series of presentations that list the various projects or exhibitions that each panelist has done in the past. Read More

The Gallery Tally Poster Project

Curated by Micol Hebron. Installation image from Margin Release Right, West Los Angeles College Gallery.







03_01__Page_21 Read More

The People’s Library, Occupy Wall Street

Photography by Michael Oman-Reagan, Liberty Plaza, 2011









03_01__Page_26 Read More

DiA 2014: Transforming New York Street Objects OPEN CALL

What if we could look at the most mundane elements of our daily lives through an artist’s lens?  What if we could transform these everyday manufactured objects into something remarkably different even for a brief moment? Read More

11.6.13 Catherine Czacki

The quotes do not fit together seamlessly – they are akin to scraps of fabric that have not been sewn, floating near each other in time and space. Unlike their material friends, they reveal distinct opinions on matter and movement. Read More

6.18.13 Interview with Dean Dempsey at his studio on Orchard Street, New York City by Lisa A. Banner


Dream Sequence, still, 2013

Lisa A. Banner: Dean, you have a unique aesthetic language that you explore through photographs in series, and in installations. At times you carefully construct tableaus, and take a photograph, sometimes showing the artifice and sometimes not, often using yourself as subject or object in a tableau. Read More

02 07

site95_Journal_02_07.p_Page_01Journal Volume 02 Issue 07

DOWNLOAD PDF: site95_Journal_02_07.e



Editor in Chief Meaghan Kent, Contributing Editor Janet Kim, Copy Editor Beth Maycumber, Copy Editor Jennifer Soosaar, Copy Writer Kati Henderson

Curated by Amanda Sanfilippo

Featuring: Agustina Woodgate, Olivia Ramos, Patricia Margarita Hernandez

Journal designed by SITE, Logo designed by Fulano

Special thanks to The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation

  Read More

Alternative Education on the Radio: In Miami and Beyond by Amanda Sanfilippo

For the past 15 months, I have been engaged in organizing discursive structures, specifically programming and moderating open format discussions on topics in contemporary art. The sessions were fed by my own earnest interest in the subject matter and inclination towards open discussion over the more didactic structure of a lecture or panel. Read More

4.16.12 Interview with Agustina Woodgate by Amanda Sanfilippo

AMANDA SANFILIPPO: How did your work with radio begin?

AGUSTINA WOODGATE: “Radio Espacio Estacion (REE)” began with a 2011 grant from NALAC. I wanted to do a pirate radio. I was inspired by the movie “The Boat that Rocks” and also being in Miami with the connections here to pirate radio. Read More

4.10.13 Conversation with Olivia Ramos and Patricia Margarita Hernandez by Amanda Sanfilippo

Amanda Sanfilippo: Where did the interest in forming an alternative university dealing with data come from? What is the lack? 


Patricia Margarita Hernandez: Electric Lunch, downtown Miami, 2013, images courtesy of the artist.

Read More

8.13.13 Interview with Wayne Adams by Pooja Kakar

Brooklyn-based artist Wayne Adams seeks to explore the unknown through his use of alternative media such as faux-fur and aluminum foil. The interplay between these media and their surrounding environments create a purposeful void in his works and an emotional and intellectual experience for the viewer, that facilitates conversations on reality and religion. Read More

Rethinking the Shape of Space: A Train Ride With George Ferrandi by Beth Maycumber

George Ferrandi is an installation and performance artist living in Brooklyn. She splits her time between running a small business that specializes in the restoration of statues of saints, teaching Sculpture and Performance Art at Rhode Island School of Design, and acting in her role as Program Director of Wayfarers, a studio program in Bushwick that provides artists with a way to get their work into the world independently of the commercial art market. Read More

Sites of Vision: Interview with Jonathan Cohen by Tyler Gorky 7.30.13

Our vision has a natural history, and as a social and cultural construction the vision we share has a natural capacity for perceptual responsiveness. We question and educate, because it is our responsibility to construct a different vision. Read More

02 06

CoverJournal Volume 02 Issue 06

DOWNLOAD PDF: site95_Journal_02_06.e



Editor in Chief Meaghan Kent, Contributing Editor Janet Kim, Copy Editor Beth Maycumber, Copy Editor Jennifer Soosaar, Copy Writers Kati Henderson, Tyler Gorky, and Pooja Kakar

Curated by Meaghan Kent

Featuring: Sarah Charlesworth, Doug Ashford, Noah Becker, Sue de Beer, and Ryan McNamara

Journal designed by SITE, Logo designed by Fulano

Interviews by Meaghan Kent. Read More

Interview with Sarah Charlesworth by Meaghan Kent 12.8.98

In the series of interviews presented in this Journal, I asked each of the artists what their motivating factors were that brought them to New York and if those reasons still resonate now. Read More

Interview with Doug Ashford by Meaghan Kent 6.19.13

Meaghan Kent: There is so much that I would love to talk to you about. You had sent me these two different texts that I thought were a really nice parallel; there is the text from Interiors (“Sometimes we say Dreams When We Want to Say Hopes, or Wishes, or Aspirations” with Angelo Bellfatto) that was performed at the New Museum and the text on Group Material (“Group Material: Abstraction as the Onset of the Real”). Read More

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