OLIVIA RAMOS is a multidisciplinary artist that generates ideas from the realm of urbanism, her work is a dance between facts and possibilities, with insight to emotional and physical networks at a multitude of scales. Ramos’ creative practice is a hybridization of art, technology, and urban development, with a focus on expanding human efficacy. She collaborates with artists, residencies, academic institutions, and research entities. Ramos holds a MA of Architecture from Columbia University (2009), a MA of Real Estate Development (MRED), University of Miami, FL, 2009-10, and a BS of Design, University of Florida, Gainesville FL, 2001-5. She was an Artist in Residence at the Transit Antenna, R&D of Sustainable Nomadic Living Systems in 2011. Ramos is currently a consultant for the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), where she is developing data navigation controllers. She is also an Architecture Graduate Professor, Florida International University, Miami, (2012-Present), and an Artist in Residence, Cannonball (formerly Legal Art), Miami FL. Ramos is designing Big Data navigation software using haptic technologies in relation to the new initiative Particlehaus, the Pop-Up University responding to individuals struggling to grow within a framework of post dated mechanization. She is the CEO of Extreme Sustainable LLC, an umbrella of partner companies with expertise in design and building scalable systems from software to high-rise residential towers on creative residential sustainability. Her multidisciplinary tendencies produce nuances within these cross-pollinated concepts. Ramos is based in Miami, Fl. oliviazapata.com