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Editor in Chief Meaghan Kent, Contributing Editor Janet Kim, Copy Editor Beth Maycumber, Copy Editor Pooja Kakar, Copy Editor Megan Kohlmiller

Curated by Kimberly Marrero

TRANSFORMING NEW YORK CITY OBJECTS was juried by a panel of 10 artists, gallerists, and curators including: Stuart Anthony (Executive Director of ArtConnects New York), Meaghan Kent (Director of Site95), Louky Keijsers Koning (Owner of LMAK Projects), Kimberly Marrero (Curator and Advisor), Michael Mut (Founder and President of The Love Yourself Project), Leon Reid IV (Artist), Gae Savannah (Professor at the School of Visual Arts), Keith Schweitzer (Owner of The Lodge Gallery), Jason Patrick Voegele (Owner of The Lodge Gallery), and Antonia Wright (Artist).

Featuring: Ariela Kader, Christopher Hart Chambers, Peter Brock, Suran Song, Michele Brody, Niizeki Hiromi, Paul Quince, Zac Benson, Omar Thorpe, Kristi Sword, Nicole Lenzi, Terry Ward, Stephanie Mora, Z, Shelley Flanders, Jamie Grove, Tasha Lewis, Lillian Przedecki, Cary Whittier, David Meanix, Katy Andrascik, Wan Yu Chen, Andrew Frotton, Kathryne Hall, Aimée Margolis, Matt Jones, Megan Kohlmiller, Leah Harper, Jos Diegel, Tania Sen, BluDog 10003

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