PATRICIA MARGARITA HERNANDEZ lives and works in Miami, FL where she received a BFA from the New World School of the Arts in 2008. Hernandez has produced and created content often taking the form of performances, programming platforms, and alternative education structures. Leveraging broadcast communication tools such as live streaming and producing open-source online archives, projects engage in geographical exchange by generating persistent feedback relationships with creative producers and cross-disciplinary partners internationally. As an integral part of her practice, Hernandez co-directs the end/SPRING BREAK with Miami based artist Domingo Castillo, which was founded in 2009. As a nomadic artist-run program engaged committed to developing experimental platforms for the production and dissemination of contemporary art and culture within South Florida, the end/SPRING BREAK curates and produces durational venues and projects and activates a variety of public and private spaces in such mutable activities as performance, lectures, panel discussions and exchange structures such as radio broadcasts and inviting contemporary artists. Hernandez is currently a resident at Cannonball (formerly Legalart) in Miami, FL, and received the Miami New Times Masterminds Awards grant in 2012.