Maureen Cavanaugh

The documentary “Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World,” directed by Mary Lance, has been an inspiration to my practice as a painter. At the time the interview was made, I was in school in Santa Fe, New Mexico and had become familiar with Martin’s work at an exhibition at SITE Santa Fe in 1998. So in putting together this issue, I asked each of the contributors (artists, designers, and musicians) to watch Chuck Smith & Sono Kuwayama’s interview with painter Agnes Martin at her studio in Taos in Nov. 1997. The selected contributors were people who I felt focused in on the quieter moments of making artwork. I asked each of them to create a project based on their studio practice and meditation. Ultimately, all five contributors focused on other artists who have brought inspiration to their own work.


Maureen Cavanaugh, Lady Mary, 2011


Maureen Cavanaugh, Love Scene, 2012


Maureen, Cavanaugh, Lilac Drop, 2012



Installation view of Maureen Cavanaugh, Nebraska windmill, Prairie Placard, Iowa, 2009







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