Mark George, 3.09, 2012

12.24.12: Mark George

Mark George’s paintings of love, anguish and anxiety spare no emotion, and bare no subliminal message. George’s work demonstrates his commercial art background, graphic design, and the idea of painting. With no visible brushstrokes, the pieces have a flat color quality seen primarily in printed work. The paintings on the torn panels are an attempt to embody an era of mid-century Americana in advertising and urban street art. The material gives the work an abandoned quality that suggests the piece is not a painting per se, but a relic or illustrative portion of an old billboard or advertisement. The look created is genre crossing: a Dada approach, a Pop sensibility.

Mark George is a self-taught artist that grew up enjoying Speed Racer and Johnny Quest re-runs. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States. Some recent exhibitions include: “Jet Set Glamour”, Harold Golden Gallery, Miami, FL (2012), “The Panelists”, Living Gallery, San Clemente, CA (2012), “A Pre Existing Condition”, Hogue Hospital, Newport Beach, CA (2011), and “Art Basel”, Harold Golen Gallery, Miami, FL (2011).

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