10.29.12 Stacy Gibboni

My work is a direct reflection of my life and experience. Artworks evolve from contemplating contemporary life and recognizing a rapid loss of elements from within my personal past. Abandoned and then found, these elements are collected and captured in a brushstroke, a snapshot, a stitch and a tale.

Concepts stemming from daily domesticity are my inspiration; games, gardens, diaries, woman’s work, home and the working man. Traditional and alternative media are explored and pursued in a quest to express visually my ideals. Story telling is the thick red thread seaming the artworks together.

“Junkyard Essays” is an ongoing multi media project incorporating snapshots and stories from a salvage yard in New Jersey. This work continues to expand, as a collection of life’s accidents and the paths that people chose.

Stacy Gibboni is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design and New York University. Gibboni is represented in New York by Chace Randall Gallery and in Treviso, Italy by Spazio Bevacqua Panigai. Upcoming exhibitions include: “Pursuit of Happiness” at the Venice Jazz Club, Venice, Italy (www.venicejazzclub.com) (Summer 2013) and “Junkyard Essays,” which will be exhibited at the CU-Space in Beijing, China (April 2013) and Red Line Milwaukee Art Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (October 2013). The artist currently lives and works in Venice, Italy.

Artist website: stacygibboni.com



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