Dead in August Benefit

Over 80 donated works!

site95 at Present Company, Brooklyn, NY, 29 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn NY Entrance at 101 N 13th Street

July 19 – 26, 2012

Preview: Thursday, July 19, 6-10pm and on..

Benefit Event: Thursday, July 26, will call starts at 6pm, Ticket numbers will be called out at 8pm. Also on view by appointment. Music by Adam Littleboy and Art Projection and Sound piece by Daniel Albrigo and Ethan Stickley

Ticket prices for the benefit are $100 in advance, $125 the day of the event.

View artworks in the Journal:  site95_Journal 01_08e

site95 will present an exhibition benefit with 77 artists. The benefit captures the spirited feeling of “Dead in August” as well as help site95 raise funds to cover exhibition expenses. Over 80 artists have donated small-scale works including works on paper, paintings, photographs, and sculptures. The exhibition will be on view at Present Company in Brooklyn, New York and reproduced in the August site95 Journal.

On the day of the benefit, July 26, ticket purchasers will receive a number and have the chance to select a piece of art as their number is called. Will call starts at 6pm and numbers will be called at random starting at 8pm. The exhibition space will empty out as the night progresses and guests take their artwork home. Music by Adam Littleboy and Art Projection and Sound piece by Daniel Albrigo and Ethan Stickley. The event is free to attend and open to the public.

Participating Artists: Joshua Abelow, Wayne Adams, Daniel Albrigo, John James Anderson, Agnes Barley, Hannes Bend, Justin Bereman, Brent Birnbaum, Jude Broughan, Matt Brownell, Mat Bushell, Louis Cameron, Maureen Cavanaugh, Beau Chamberlain, Chris Chiappa, Jenna Choate, Eddie Chu, Ryan Coleman, Catherine Czacki, Bobby Davidson, Peter Demos, Jen Dohne, Tim Donovan, Chris Dorland, Lindsay Dye, Joe Graham-Felsen, Jenn Grainer, Ellen Harvey, Halsey Hathaway, Aubrey Hays, Karen Heagle, Adam Henry, Jacob Bond Hessler, Susan Hunt, Timothy Hutchings, Paul Jacobsen, Josh Jordan, Marina Kappos, Yasamin Keshtkar, Erin Knutson, Jolynn Krystosek, Christina Labey, Tyler Lafreniere, David Lemm, Jesse Lindmar, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, Francesco Longenecker, Annica Lydenberg, Kathryn Macnaughton, Russell Maycumber, Shane McAdams, Joel Morrison, Mark Mulroney, Scott Ogden, Salome Oggenfuss, Frank Parga, Adam Parker Smith, Daniel Peddle, Jason Peters, Rachel Bee Porter, Carissa Potter, Jenna Ransom, E. Brady Robinson, Emily Roz, Owen Rundquist, Sara Maria Salamone, Carolyn Salas, Kris Scheifele, Mike Schreiber, Jean Seestadt, Colin Michael Simmons, Kyle Simon, Emily Mae Smith, Patrick Taylor, Sam Trioli, Margeaux Walter, Debora Warner, Cary Whittier, Brian Wondergem, and Jessica Yatrofsky